A Florida angler caught a 768 pound shortfin mako shark in the keys, 25 miles off Islamorada. The fish was brought onto the boat after a four hours on 80 lbs test line.
A Florida fisherman recalls fishing near Flamingo with his father. He recalls a spot at the southern point of what is now Everglades National Park where fishermen hung their nets to dry. At a place where the pilings once were, the water was deeper than anywhere nearby. The hole is still there, he says, and at the change of tide, it still attracts fish.
After hearing about Costa Rican fishing for years, an angler went to try it himself. Tom Tatum caught a six foot sailfish on a “slow” fishing day.
Video and pictures of the 739 pound BlueFin Tuna caught off New Zealand. The record was certified by the IGFA. The angler, Nathan Adams, hopes that his wife will allow him to hang a cast of his catch.
NOAA study announcement that some say creates a program of paying people not to fish. The scientifically conducted survey seeks to measure people’s perceptions as to the value of sports fishing. By arriving at a total dollar value, that value can be used in financial and cost-benefit analyses that could help protect the sport.
Mitt Romney’s Mexican second cousin (George Romney, the former governor of Michigan, and Mitt’s father was born in Mexico) manufactures and assembles fishing lures in Chihuahua. 66-year old Kent Romney has never met Mitt.
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