Superyacht owner remains a mystery. Down under, where the $24 million super yacht is docked, sources say a mysterious U.S. man is the owner of the Mea Culpa, a 42m vessel rigged for extreme sport fishing. “He flies in and meets (people) at particular ports and does their fishing expeditions,” one industry source said.
Rutgers Professor’s battle to save an unsung fish makes inroads as states move to protect the species. In his book “The Most Important Fish in the Sea,” H. Bruce Franklin alerted the public to the dangers of the overfishing of menhaden, a small fish that is critical to the ocean’s ecosystem. The Atlantic States Fisheries Commission voted to sharply reduce the menhaden harvest. The protection of the menhaden affects sports fishing in several states along the Atlantic.
Side-Scanning Innovation: affordable side-looking sonar offers up nearly photographic images of what is off to the side of and beneath a boat. High-stakes tournament fishermen and wide-ranging anglers, who roam where charts are lacking or poor, such as deep into Mexican waters, are a couple of the kinds of anglers who find it money well spent. A good overview from Saltwater Sportsman.
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