The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the lead federal agency responsible for stewardship of offshore living marine resources, plans to survey recreational saltwater fisherman. The purpose is so that the agency may improve its understanding of anglers’ expectations and how they may change as more fish stocks recover. With this information, the agency may better plan fisheries’ management and plan for additional outreach and education of recreational saltwater fishermen.

The announcement for the survey, in the form of a proposal for the Office of Management and Budget, can be viewed here. More information regarding the agency’s responsiblities for marine ecosystems can be found here.

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Winter Sale Event

This one is for Johnny Tuna!

Upcoming event: the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series in Miami Beach September 16-18. The $150,000 Miami Beach Pro will feature a field of 16 teams per gender in a three-day, double elimination tournament that showcases match play under Friday and Saturday night lights.
Upcoming event: USA Volleyball has nominated the beach volleyball teams that will represent the United States at the 2011 Pan American Games, pending approval from the U.S. Olympic Committee. The Pan American Games beach volleyball event will take place on Oct. 16-22 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Tom Burke presents a summary of this past weekend’s National Volleyball League tournament at South Beach, and an overview of the current state of the professional tours.
Barefoot Wine and Championship Volleyball held its Pro-Am Championship Cup beach volleyball championships at Miami’s South Beach on September 9th. The victors, Steven VanderWerp and Evan Engle (Muskegon, MI titlists), as well as Katherine Babcock and Rasa Virsilaite (Chicago, IL) capped off their day with a showcase match against National Volleyball League players, before the NVL’s own weekend event.
Portrait of Estero, FL native Brooke Sweat, an up and coming beach volleyball player, from the Naples News.
Portrait of Summer Ross, a beach volleyball star now playing for the University of Washington Huskies. She plans to travel to Alanya, a city on the southern coast of Turkey, where she will compete for the USA against women as much as four years older than her for the World Junior Beach Volleyball Championships.
US Volleyball Assn changes criteria for Olympics volleyball trials, revising its long-standing plans to conduct a Beach Volleyball Trials event that would decide who qualifies for the London Olympics next summer.
The Fiji Times Online reports that the Fiji men’s beach volleyball team won a gold medal at the XIV Pacific Games in New Caledonia, September 10th.
Beach Volleyball in Kenya! Results of international play among Kenya, Gabon and Angola.
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Stay tuned to this blog for updates, results, and links to new events. As horse racing is called the sport of kings, paddle boarding may have been the sport of Hawaiian kings… and now it can be enjoyed in Florida!

Upcoming Events:
September 9-11 – Miami Beach – US Open SUP Race and Fishing Tournament. Sponsored by Ark Paddleboards, offering $35,000 in prize money. Kinds race on Sunday. More information…

October 1-31 – Destin – Fishing Rodeo adds a paddle board fishing division for the first time. Largest Species caught from a Paddleboard wins fully Rigged BOTE Board. More information…

October 22-23 – Treasure Island – Fall Paddle Festival. 8 Mile Elite race, 3 Mile Open race, Halloween Costume Team Relay. Sponsored by World Paddle Association. More Information…


Here’s a shore-ly delicious recipe courtesy of our great local Chef Joseph Gianuzzi of The Green Gourmet.

Weekend Recipes from ShoreThing

Grilled Local Mahi Mahi with Down Island Rice and Avocado Mousse 4 servings
4 Mahi Mahi Fillets (locally caught)
1 ½ cups Basmati Rice
½ Pineapple diced small
½ Red bell pepper diced small
1 Tbs Cilantro
2 oz Lime juice
2 Garlic cloves
4 oz Extra virgin olive oil
6 oz Pineapple juice
1 can Coconut milk unsweetened
4 Scallions diced small
1 Tsp Cane sugar
2 Haas Avocados peeled and seeded

Down Island Rice: Cook rice using coconut milk and water according to instructions on package. In a separate pan use one oz extra virgin olive oil and add diced pineapple and cook until well caramelized. Once caramelized, add pineapple juice and cane sugar. Simmer until syrupy. Add red bell peppers, half the scallions and toss. Add the pineapple mixture to the cooked basmati rice.
Avocado Mousse: In a blender or food processor add lime juice, avocado, garlic, half the scallions and cilantro. Blend until light and fluffy. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Add water if consistency is too thick).
Marinade for Mahi: (Optional, though recommended): I learned this from my good friends in Barbados. Apply 45 minutes before cooking.
1 medium yellow onion pureed in blender
2 Tsp of Garam Masala
1 zest of 1 lime
2 oz Olive oil
Add the above ingredients into the blender and puree and mix. In a non reactive bowl toss your Mahi Mahi with the Garam Masala and onion mixture. Let sit in marinade 30-45 minutes before grilling.

The plate presentation should be on the bottom, Mahi, then a dollop of mousse on the top! Enjoy…

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Mahi Long Sleeve Tshirt

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